Presentation Guideline

Oral presentations

  1. Speakers are asked to prepare their presentations to match the allocated times, which will be rigidly enforced.
    Please note that speakers will be timed from the moment they arrive in front of the podium and begin setting up their presentation (i.e., the preparation time is counted towards the time allotment).
    Allotted times are as follows:
    • Plenary Talk: 50 minutes (approximately 40 min presentation + 10 min discussion)
    • Keynote Talk: 30 minutes (approximately 25 min presentation + 5 min discussion)
    • Contributed Talk: 20 minutes (approximately 15 min presentation + 5 min discussion)
  2. We request that all presenters self-test the connection/presentation setup during the break prior to their session.
  3. Each meeting room will be equipped with the following equipment:
    • LCD Projector & Screen (aspect ratio 16:9)
    • Laser pointer
    • Notebook PC with Windows OS
    • HDMI and VGA cables
    • Microphone
  4. We recommend that speakers bring their own laptops (with HDMI/VGA output capabilities) to display their presentation materials.
  5. Presenters are responsible for ensuring they can connect to the visual system through HDMI/VGA (please bring any required adapters/dongles).
  6. Speakers who want to use the Notebook PC installed in the meeting room should bring a USB memory stick (Type A or C) with their PowerPoint or PDF presentation files, and load them onto the PC during the break prior to their session.

Poster presentations

  1. Posters should be displayed in the Poster Session rooms (Room P) during the three dedicated poster sessions (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), as scheduled in the program.
  2. Please note that during the poster sessions, authors are expected to stay close to their boards in order to answer questions and facilitate discussions on their work.
  3. Please display your poster on the board that matches your poster number, as indicated in the program, before the start of your poster session.
  4. The poster boards are large enough to fit A0-sized posters in portrait orientation (1.2m height x 0.9m width). If your poster does not fit within these dimensions, we cannot guarantee that it will be displayed. Appropriate materials to mount the posters on the boards will be supplied to all presenters.

You should mount your poster on the day of your assigned poster session, between 10:20 and 13:00. You should remove your poster by 17:00 on the same day. Any poster not removed by the indicated time will be automatically recycled.